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All about Gas burping

Most of the belching is removal of the swallowed air.

People having abdominal discomfort because of varied reasons feel that, removing something from the stomach will relieve the discomfort and hence get into the habit of repeated belching. People with gastritis have reduced gastric accommodation (ability to tolerate increase in volume without raise in pressure) and in them any swallowed air will worsen the discomfort and belching relieves it.

This relief reinforces their perception of repeated belching. The number of burps or the loudness of burps are not at all reflective of the severity of the underlying problem and are person controlled.

Sometimes burping also increases with stress.

Heartburn is usually a reflection of acid reflux and may be associated with burping as the person tries to relieve the discomfort by bringing up air.

Usual causes of reflux are

• Loose junction between stomach and esophagus (foodpipe), seen with obesity, vitamin deficiencies and sometimes from birth

• Alcohol and smoking

• Painkillers, Aspirin

Treating the underlying cause and understanding the pathophysiology (mechanism) may address the issue.

Learning relaxation techniques and holding something – a pencil between the teeth can break a burping spree.

In-case of reflux, acid suppressants, quitting smoking and drinking, loosing weight and some lifestyle changes – not lying down immediately after food, small food portions, sleeping with head end elevation would bring relief.

Dr Poornachandra

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