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Coronavirus - What if i am infected ?

Covid 19 has been rampant and is occurring in waves. However, we have to understand that it is a mild viral illness in a majority and an uneventful recovery can be achieved with some simple steps and by being vigilant to the danger signs and symptoms.

People who have minimal symptoms can remain in home isolation and nurse them to recovery. Keep yourself well hydrated and nourished. Continue all your prior medications.

Be engaged in an activity of interest as depression sets in early with all the isolation.

Do simple exercises – walk around in the room, squat, skip to the extent possible.

Keep the room well ventilated and lit – Dark rooms are stuffy and depressing.

Monitor Spo2 two to 3 times a day- at rest and after a 6-minute walk.

Covid spreads mainly from respiratory secretions and hence keep your mouth and nose masked whenever you have to interact with your caregivers.

Things to be vigilant while on home quarantine are:

1) Chest tightness, breathless on activities like taking a shower or going to the loo

2) unable to complete sentences without having to take a break to breathe

3) Persistent fever after 4-5 days

4) Resting Spo2 <94% on room air

5) If you feel giddy or your saturation drops more than 3-4% (as compared to resting value) with a 6min walk Any of these things should prompt you to get in touch with a doctor and procced accordingly. Timely intervention provides effective relief and prevents complications, Reach out to the clinic for any covid related queries. Call Us Now : +91-96322 64704 / 080-22451980 Prerana Polyclinic

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