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Getting most of a medical consultation

Medical diagnosis is heavily dependent on the history provided & takes only supplementary support from the examination.

Hence a good & thorough medical history helps one to quickly narrow down the diagnosis & results in fewer investigation.

For a good medical history – Make a summary of all the symptoms in chronological order.

Keep it to symptoms only & avoid your/ Google’s interpretation.

Avoid coming with prefixed ideas and diagnosis & expect the doctor to endorse it – A dealbreaker.

When a doctor gets a feeling that you are trying to test him or want an endorsement of your preconceived diagnosis/treatment – whole purpose of consultation is lost.

Bring all old medical records/investigations (e-reports downloaded)- show it to doctor after the history & not at the end of consultation.

Be frank with your other illnesses, medications (even Ayurveda, homeopathy/unani) & habits Be attentive during consultation & hear to what the doctor says.

Getting panic or lost in your thoughts lead to non-registration of the provided information and repetitions which the doctor may not appreciate. Take onus of your illness – Describe it yourself, understand it & the treatment proposed.

If you want someone else to be incharge – inform the doctor at the beginning & have him/her available through out the consultation & not call him/her at the end of it, for a repetition Secretly recording consultation is an absolute no & but could be done in the knowledge of the doctor in certain cases.

-Dr Poorna

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