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Hearing Aids

Age related hearing loss is common and can cause strains in family relations and social isolation.

A person with hearing loss will tell you how people avoid her/him. The solution for this problem is very simple. Hearing aids have been in the market for decades.

But sadly, there are few takers. There are three causes for this.

The number one cause is denial. Most people with hearing loss believe they hear perfectly well. Changing this belief can be difficult. Sometimes showing them the hearing test results helps but not always.

Social taboo surrounding the hearing aid is probably the most common cause for shunning the hearing aid. People will readily accept reading glasses but not the hearing aid. We are to blame for this. Even in this day people with hearing aids receive unnecessary attention and are frequently looked down upon. This has to change.

The third cause is patient disappointment. Many patients feel disappointed with the quality of sound from the aid and stop using it. I want to emphasize that it takes patience; effort and perseverance on the part of the patient to get used to the aid and those who persist get rewarded many times over.

The audiologist plays a crucial role in this and counselling sessions help to prepare the patient. It is time to accept the hearing aid, it is time to get your friends back, it is time to enjoy conversations with your family, it is time to get your life back. For more details

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