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Mucuormycosis and Covid-19

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Mucor is a fungus found in spore form in environment. It affects people with low immunity & uncontrolled diabetes. It invades blood vessels, blocks them off, causing tissue death, which looks black – hence the name Black fungus. It was quite rare in the preCovid era.

Now there are a flood of cases & the causes may be multifactorial –

1) Steroids while life-saving when used judiciously in covid, can also promote growth of mucor with inappropriate use

2) Poorly controlled diabetes is a known risk factor and special attention has to be paid to good diabetic control

3) Multiple antibiotic use supports growth of fungus, hence avoid unnecessary antibiotics

4) Reusing masks till they are black is Bad. Mucor spores can deposit on the masks and risk infecting

5) Overdoing things are harming us a. Many people are on excessive zinc tablets & this may be promoting growth of Mucor b. Too much steam inhalation affects the fine hairs lining the nose and respiratory tracts, there by affecting their protective role of sweeping-out particles and infectious agents Recognizing mucormycosis early is the key to recovering with minimal organ damage.

6) One should look out for a. Pain / numbness in face, mouth and around the nose/ eye b. Persistent Headache c. Blackish discolouration in mouth / hard palate/ face d. Nasal crusting / blackish / dark discharge, nasal obstruction e. Loosening of teeth Prompt surgery, injection of Amphotericin is life as well as organ – Eye/face saving Call Us Now : +91-96322 64704 / 080-22451980 Prerana Polyclinic

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