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Safe medical consultation in Covid times

Covid19 has brought about unprecedented times and has influenced every aspect of our lives Points to consider when seeking an OPD visit during these times to make it a safe experience.

Please declare your Covid status – Negative, presently positive or priorly positive at the reception or while booking an appointment Please declare if you have fever, cough, throat irritation, breathing difficulty and it would be preferable to visit the fever clinic in your locality before coming over here.

Always wear a well-fitting mask while in the clinic and please don’t keep fiddling with the mask – Definitely not to pull down the mask unless asked for.

Please come alone unless you are too ill, too young or old.

This helps to avoid overcrowding.

Avoid bringing children and elders along with you Please come to the clinic just before your scheduled time – Patients will be seen only on appointment.

Please carry printouts of your reports or carry a bigger display like a tablet and operate it yourself.

Use the sanitizer at the entrance to disinfect your hands.

Consultations will be done in open door/window state to promote air circulation.

Call Us Now : +91-96322 64704 / 080-22451980 Prerana Polyclinic

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