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Things to know about online consultations

Online consultation has brought the convenience of meeting a doctor at the comfort of home. But some things have to noted with respect to online consultation.

Online consultation is effective only in straight forward cases and in follow ups of recently seen cases. Complex cases and cases with long history, multiple consultations and treatment and elderly patients can't and should not be subjected to online consults.

Online consultation isn't as comprehensive as an in-person consultation and carries a risk of missing out certain findings.

Always try to get an in-person consultation as soon as possible after an online consultation. Medicines prescribed are purely based on the understanding of the information provided. Hence if medicines aren’t producing the desired results of if you develop any side effects – stop the medication and go see the doctor.

Proceed with online consultation only after understanding these points. Please upload any supportive investigations and prior consultation papers before starting the consultation and make sure to give proper name, sex and age details.

Video part of the consultation should be limited to showing any relevant findings and audio. consultation is preferred here as in-view of poor network conditions and lack of distractions.

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