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Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (UGIE) - Procedure

UGIE is done to evaluate esophagus, stomach, 1st & 2nd part of small intestine – Duodenum, in people with upper abdominal pain, heartburn, vomiting & bleeding

Preparation for UGIE - fasting for 5hrs, so that the stomach is empty- allows proper evaluation & prevents reflux of stomach contents into lungs UGIE is a safe & short procedure lasting 2-3 min.

The fear of UGIE is more psychological & based on fixed ideas. You are expected to breathe normally through nose & even mouth.

Tongue has to be kept down & not pressed against the scope – allowing easy scope movement. Pressing the scope against the palate will cause throat irritation, cough & soreness.

Any saliva, secretions that come to mouth should be allowed to flow out & not swallowed. It is normal not to feel the breath, as your throat will be anesthetized.

Try not to burp out - inflated stomach allows proper evaluation of stomach. Relax mentally & don’t panic Biopsy isn’t going to hurt.

Biopsy just means taking a sample for further analysis, done for a variety of conditions & doesn’t say anything about the diagnosis. Biopsy doesn’t mean cancer. So, don’t panic Post procedure, there may be bloating because of air insufflation – will subside with gas movement.

Some sore throat may be there, especially if there was resistance to scope movement. Saline gargle for couple of days will resolve it.

Following the procedure, you shouldn’t take orally for 15-20min – till throat sensations return

-Dr Poorna

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